In the long-gone days before Internet searches became such an integral part of insurance shopping, it wasn’t uncommon for individuals in the market for insurance coverage to just open up their local phone books when looking to find a company to contact for quotes and other information. Finding an appropriate insurance provider or agent was often a hit or miss proposition and, once on the books of a particular insurance company, it wasn’t unusual for them to stay with that same company for an extended period of time – as long as everything went well and there were no obvious complaints or reasons to switch to an alternative provider. Today, however, all that has changed.

Modern Day Insurance Shopping

With access to hundreds and thousands of options to fulfill your insurance needs today it can be a daunting task to find just the right coverage for your particular requirements. The bottom line for most buyers, though, is pretty simple – you want to deal with a company that offers the best products and the best service at the most attractive prices. When comparing one company to the next and one policy to another, though, it can be difficult and confusing to cull through all the options. It just makes good sense to get someone else who’s qualified and knows the ropes to do the job for you, and this is what you can expect from a quality independent insurance agent.

Direct vs Independent Insurance Agent

A direct agent – one who sells policies for a single insurance company – offers no options other than those from that one company. An independent insurance agent has access to many companies and policies and can provide almost unlimited options. He or she can find the best coverage at the best rates with no obligation to push any specific company’s products. That’s what you want. When consulting with an independent, here are some questions you’ll want answered:

  1. Is your agency a premium/platinum agency?
  2. What named insurance carriers do you have access to? What are their insurance ratings?
  3. Are your agents state-licensed or simply customer sales reps?
  4. What specific types of insurance coverage can you write – auto, life, business, homeowner’s, travel?
  5. Do you have personalized service, a local office, the best prices and policies and what do you do to ensure satisfaction to your clients?

Get positive responses on these questions and you should feel secure about working with this agency.