Traveling by motorcycle involves considerably more risk than driving a car, which means that those who choose this mode of transport must have specialized motorcycle insurance. The state of North Carolina requires motorcyclists to have liability coverage at the very least. Tom Needham Insurance Agency can offer the best rates on this coverage, and offer some additional provisions.

What motorcycle insurance does NC state law require?

Like other motorists, motorcycle owners are required to buy liability insurance for their vehicles. A valid insurance card should be carried at all times. Liability insurance provides financial protection when there is an accident where the insurance holder in question is deemed to be at fault. Basic liability coverage for motorcycle or motor scooter owners provides the following coverage:

$25,000 for property damage for which the insured person is deemed responsible

$30,000 per person or $60,000 per accident for bodily injury, to pay claims to those who are injured or killed in an accident

These amounts are the legal minimum coverage that the state requires you to have as a motorcyclist.

Additional motorcycle insurance coverage

In addition to the state minimum, Tom Needham Insurance can offer additional motorcycle insurance coverage to provide that extra protection you need on North Carolina’s roads.

The minimum amounts required by the state are usually far less than you would need to cover damages resulting from an accident. When purchasing insurance coverage for your motorcycle, it is better to carry much more than the $25,000, $30,000 or $60,000 coverage mandated by the Department of Insurance. You should also consider the following:

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