As a leading Greensboro car insurance broker, our goal is getting our customers the best car coverage at the most affordable rates possible. Often, this involves assisting established policyholders in obtaining coverage for newly of-age teen drivers in their families.

If you’re the parent of a new teen driver, you likely have mixed feelings about their passage into the world of driving responsibility. They are probably overjoyed with the new found freedom that having a driver’s license provides, and it’s probably great for you to have another driver in the family to run errands and take the pressure off Mom and Dad as the on-call taxi service. The additional insurance costs, however, aren’t something that you’re exactly looking forward to.

The Cost of Being a Young Driver

Most factors used to determine the cost of your Greensboro car insurance premiums can be directly affected by your personal actions. These include your driving record, geographic location, make/model of your car, credit rating, claims history and coverage type, all of which you have control over changing.

Years of driving, is a factor you have no control over, but has a huge effect on car insurance costs, especially for new drivers in the first 9 years of driving. The reason is simple – newer drivers have been shown statistically to represent a much higher risk to car insurers. They have more accidents and submit more and higher claims than any other driver group.

Saving Money on Car Insurance for Young Drivers

While youth drivers are typically charged the highest auto insurance rates, there are a number of things that can be done to make these rates somewhat more affordable. Consider these money-saving tips:

    • Adding your youth driver to your policy will almost always cost less than having them take out their own individual policy
    • Keeping school grades up can qualify them for a good student discount
    • Successfully completing a driver’s training course can qualify them for a discount
    • Allow your insurer to electronically monitor your teen’s driving habits
    • Have your teen drive a modestly priced, safe-rated car
    • Seek a “distant driver” discount if your youngster is off to college without a car