Motorcycle insurance discounts are usually available from insurance companies in one form or another, depending on the particular company writing your policy, but it’s always a good idea whenever looking into obtaining any type of vehicle insurance coverage to ask. Some insurance agents don’t always inform applicants of all the discounts available unless they’re asked, so make sure to inquire when researching or buying a motorcycle insurance policy about all possible ways to save on premiums.

Typical Discounts

Some of the more common discounts offered on different companies’ motorcycle insurance policies include:

  • Bundling your M/C policy with others carried with the same insurer
  • Successfully completing a safe driver course
  • Re-insuring with your existing carrier
  • Mature rider discount
  • Safe rider discount
  • Why Not Cancel Off-Season Motorcycle Coverage?

Why Not Cancel Off-Season Motorcycle Coverage?

While not every insurance carrier offers the above listed discounts, many do.  You could also save money on your coverage by simply increasing your deductible amount during the off season, but if something like a theft or vandalism happened you’d have to dig that much deeper into your pocket to pay the amount for which you’d be responsible due to that higher deductible. This is also the reason it’s not recommended that you cancel your motorcycle insurance during the time of year when your bike is being safely stored and not being ridden. Just because your motorcycle is being stored away somewhere that you consider safe and sound, that doesn’t mean it still doesn’t face certain risks of loss. In addition to the aforementioned theft and vandalism, your bike could also fall subject to storm or fire damage. These are perils covered by the comprehensive portion of your insurance policy and, without them, you’d be forced to deal with the loss totally on your own.