When shopping for Greensboro insurance coverage you, like most everybody, have two things in mind. You’re looking for the best protection at the best price, and neither of these alone will satisfy your needs.

Super low-priced coverage from a poorly rated insurance company is likely not worth the paper it’s written on. Conversely, good coverage from a highly-rated company but at an inflated cost out of your price range isn’t a very good choice either.

Finding the best coverage at the most reasonable cost is something you can do with the help of a dedicated Greensboro insurance broker who has access to policies from multiple insurance providers and can offer you numerous options on high-quality homeowners, automobile and life insurance products.

The Beauty of Bundling

There are numerous ways to save dollars when buying insurance. Most vehicle insurers and homeowner’s insurance companies, for example, offer a variety of discounts for which you may qualify. It pays, whenever buying these types of coverage, to always ask your agent to tell you about any applicable discounts.

Another great way of saving when buying multiple types of insurance coverage is to bundle two or more policies together. Bundling saves you not only money – often as much as 10-15% or more on premium costs – but also saves you time. In most cases, bundling will also increase the level of service you receive from your insurer.

Other Advantages to Bundling

There are a number of other advantages that come with bundling. Having all of your policies with one agent will give him or her a better idea of where any coverage gaps may exist in your coverage. If you have the need to file a claim, dealing with one single policy adviser will save you time and confusion. Having all of your policy premium payments coming due together will also save you time and effort.

Another big advantage of insurance bundling your policies from some insurers, Safeco for example, is their single loss deductible. If you have your vehicle and homeowner’s insurance bundled together with this company and suffer a loss to both your vehicle and home in the same incident, you’ll only be required to pay one deductible.

If a tree falls onto your garage and damages both the structure and the vehicle parked inside, they’ll waive the deductible on your car insurance after you’ve satisfied your homeowner’s deductible. That’s a valuable bundling benefit.