When you purchase home insurance, you’re buying protection not only for your residence but for all the property and personal possessions found within your home. This even extends to possessions kept elsewhere, such as in a storage facility, or in someone else’s home. Your things are even covered while you’re traveling. If your camera is lost while you’re on vacation or your jewelry is stolen from your hotel room you should be able to get compensated for your loss after submitting the necessary insurance claims.

Proof of Ownership

Whether you have home insurance or renter’s insurance, you should definitely create a complete home inventory list and include photos of all your possessions. In the event you suffer any covered losses, filing insurance claims will be easier, more accurate and will save time and trouble for everyone involved.

An important factor to consider when filing an insurance claim for items lost, damaged or destroyed is that your insurer could always require proof that you actually had the items you’re claiming you lost. This may involve submitting a detailed inventory of the items, including copies of receipts and a listing of the make, model and serial numbers where appropriate. A more inclusive representation of your personal possessions can be supplied to your insurer in the form of photographs or videos you’ve taken in advance of any loss.

Photographing Your Belongings

There are numerous mobile apps you can use with your smart phone or computer tablet to create your home inventory with photographs. You can then use cloud-based storage to safely store your inventory. Don’t make the mistake of storing this information on your computer at home in case there’s a disaster like a fire or flood that destroys this information.

Here are some various tips to use when photographing your belongings:

  • Use a smart phone camera with a flash, a digital camera or a video camera.
  • Label each photo with the date taken, the date purchased and the purchase price.
  • Open closets and dresser drawers to show the amount of clothing owned.
  • Include the image of a family member in photos so ownership can be substantiated.
  • Take photos of expensive tools and other equipment in your garage such as mowers or snow blowers. Don’t forget items in the backyard (BBQ) and basement (washer, dryer, freezer).
  • Jewelry items should be photographed close-up, placed on a black felt background.
  • Keep your list continually updated.