According to national statistics, individuals driving in the state of North Carolina are fortunate in that their average annual car insurance costs are some of the lowest in the U.S.  Only a handful of states have lower average premium rates. One reason given for this is that NC has long been unusually strict about their car insurance laws and rigorous enforcement of these laws has served to keep auto insurance premiums lower than most all of our neighboring states. Insurance rates can vary widely from state to state. The most expensive state for insuring a car is Michigan, for the fifth year in a row now, with an average annual car insurance rate of $2,239. This is more than double the average annual rate here in North Carolina, which ranks #42 this year with an average annual cost of $1,104.

What Makes Car Insurance Rates Higher or Lower?

The state in which you live is only one of the determining factors affecting how much you’re charged to insure your vehicle. Unless you’re willing to relocate to another state, there’s little you can do about this factor, just as there’s nothing you can do about your age or your gender – two other important determining factors. There are, however, numerous factors over which you do have control. These are the ones we’ll look at for seeking ways to reduce your Greensboro auto insurance costs.

      • The #1 way to keep car insurance costs down is to maintain a clean driving record. Many companies offer specific discounts to policyholders with no accidents or moving violations within the past three years.
      • Always shop around when looking for car insurance, whether buying a new policy or renewing existing coverage. Insurers realize it costs less to retain an existing customer than to create a new one and will likely be willing to match a competitor’s lower rate rather than lose your business.
      • Ask for every discount for which you’re qualified. There are usually many available.
      • Maintain a good credit rating. This will help give you better premium rates.
      • Get your homeowner’s and auto insurance from the same insurer. Most will give a discount for this.
      • Make sure you’re not over insuring your vehicle. As your car or truck ages it becomes less valuable. You may eventually consider dropping the collision and/or comprehensive portion of your coverage.

Use these tips to save money on your car insurance costs.