With the December 18, 2017 deadline for compliance with the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) ELD (Electronic Logging Device) Mandate fast approaching, it’s important that all commercial truck drivers and truck fleets take the necessary steps to become compliant to avoid fines or other legal consequences. This means implementing the use of certified ELDs, which are used to, among other things, track a driver’s Hours of Service (HOS) – a replacement for the old handwritten log books. In addition to being able to keep track of HOS, ELDs are also required to:

    • Be certified to comply to specifications set out by the FMCSA
    • Provide required data in a standard format when requested by law enforcement
    • Be connected to the vehicle’s engine and to record when it is or isn’t in motion
    • Feature a graphic display of a driver’s RDS (Record of Duty Status)
    • Allow for drivers to log in to select status, i.e., on duty, off duty or on duty but not driving

    The Cost of Staying Compliant

    ELDs come in many different styles, sizes and costs, starting at a low of about $165 to a high of more than $800 (annualized cost), with the most popular models costing right around $500. This is according to research compiled by the FMCSA. To help take the financial sting out of becoming compliant, Progressive Insurance Co., the largest commercial truck insurer in the country and Rand McNally have teamed up with a fantastic offer called the Progressive Commercial Truck Smart Haul ELD Program.

    Smart Haul ELD Program Specifics

    New or existing Progressive customers with at least one vehicle that’s a model year 2000 or newer and who carry a qualifying primary liability policy can become compliant with the ELD Mandate and save money one of two ways.

    1. You can get free use of an ELD, supplied at no charge by Progressive, for simply plugging in the device and sharing the driving data collected with Progressive. Monthly subscriptions will also be covered for as long as the device is used and the collected data is shared.
    2. If you choose to purchase your own ELD, either a Rand McNally ELD 50 or DC 200, and agree to share your driving data with Progressive, they’ll pay you $100 when the device is activated and an additional $100 for each sequential quarter the device remains in operation, up to a maximum total payout of $500.