Car insurance trackers are great technological devices that provide a boatload of benefits to vehicle owners and insurance companies alike. Since these devices utilize GPS tracking, if your car is ever stolen, the tracker will make it much easier for the authorities to locate it. This is good for you and for your insurer, and is just one of the benefits car insurance trackers provide.

They are also designed to monitor how you drive and, for the clients of numerous car insurance companies, reward you for your safe driving. This is done through providing insurance premium discounts for those drivers who qualify. Although some companies will provide premium discounts to you for simply signing up for their “telematics discount” program, other insurers require you use the device for a specified amount of time before being considered for a discount.

How They Work

Car trackers can be installed into your car and directly plugged into the car’s on-board computer system or you can gain access to desired data through the use of your smart phone. Data available upon installation varies, depending on the particular program being used, and this data can be sent directly to your car insurance provider. Some of the data available includes:

  • GPS-enabled location of your vehicle and route traveled
  • How often vehicle is used and for how long
  • Hard acceleration and hard braking
  • Speeds traveled
  • Fast cornering
  • Phone use while driving
  • Time of day vehicle is driven

This data may be used by your insurance company to monitor the driving habits of the individual driving your car. Certain driving characteristics exhibited can help to determine the likelihood that you’ll be submitting an accident claim. These characteristics include your tendency to speed, to take corners too fast, to brake or accelerate too fast, to use your cell phone while driving and more.

Your tracking data can prove to your insurer what kind of driver you are and, if you prove to be safe, you may earn a premium discount.

Other Benefits

Some car insurance trackers have the capability of calling for help if you’re involved in an accident or your car breaks down and you’re stranded. For parents of teen drivers, trackers are an excellent way of knowing where and how your teen is driving. Keep them safer by discussing any potentially harmful driving traits the data shows they’ve acquired. All these features make trackers well worth it.